Thursday, 7 March 2013

Though they have been active for years in Europe where they were founded, Oranum is a newer network to North America. At Oranum you can find a few features that you can't find at other psychic chat sites. Some of the features they offer are chat readings, email readings and webcam readings. In regards to the webcam readings, they are similar to watching a YouTube video, but live. You also don't need your own microphone or cam to chat with the psychic. To chat with the psychic all you do is type into an easy to use chat box. Though if you do have a microphone or webcam you can also use those to communicate with the psychic as well.

One thing I liked about Oranum is that you can chat for free with the psychics until you actually begin your actual reading or get answers. This is a good way to get a feel for a compatible psychic and sense their vibe. Although like I said, you have to pay for the actual reading and answers, although from my experiences and the life changing information they gave me it was quite worth it.

One drawback about Oranum is that while there were a great deal of very good and talented psychics online, there were a good bit of poor and inexperienced ones as well. They should increase their screening and quality control now and in the future. There are some great psychics on there though, you just use your discernment and intuition to week out the bad from the good and you should be fine.

If you run into problems I found their customer support to be average. There is no phone support, just email, although they reply quickly to your email. They also have a large knowledge base you can pursue on your own.

In summary I liked the Oranum user experience and some of the psychics were of high quality and could not be found on any of the other psychic sites. Though they didn't provide telephone readings they did readings by webcam, email and live chat. The ability to free chat before you pay for anything is a great feature and option which allows you to find just the right psychic for your paid reading.

If you are wondering and worrying about the future, have any questions about your love life, family and work lives ... anything really, and want these questions answered from the comfort of your own computer and home, I recommend you check out Oranum.